Major Transfer Point

by Mark Medley

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I wrote all of these songs while I was living in Hawaii where I also recorded the music for this EP. All of the vocals were recorded at my uncle's cabin in Redstone, Colorado. The lead track, 'Wheel', draws upon so much of what I've learned through my practice and teaching of Yoga, but without the formality or austerity so often associated with Yoga. It's just a simple song with simple music and words. 'Drink' is the product of deep realizations I've come to in my marriage of 9 years. 'Coaster' again draws on my experiences with Yoga and my "efforts" to still the thought waves of my mind: a task easier to sing about than to actually do! I wrote 'Bottom' about the deep love I have for my wife because I'm basically blown away that something so deep can continue to reveal more and more depth. I had an incredibly interesting experience because I was back in Texas in the house where I grew up when it came time to do all the mixing. It was such a trip for me to work on all this music sitting out on my old back porch where me and my friends used to strum guitars in high school. There's little pieces of all these places somewhere in the music. If you listen close, you can hear Hawaii, Colorado, and Texas.


released July 8, 2014

Mark Medley: music, vocals, lyrics



all rights reserved


Mark Medley Texas

Love compels me to make music.

Love gives meaning to my life and life provides the meaning for my music.

Music reminds me I am not alone.

My hope is that my songs do the same for you.
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Track Name: Wheel
Look at that flower, watch it grow
Before it falls to the earth and all its petals close
Look at this hour, where’d it go
I thought if I could hold you tight it might move slow
But it kept moving, now I know
I borrow my body from the earth ‘til it returns
Don’t you worry, don’t get low
The soul is a seed of light that ever burns

Chorus: When it comes that time
The finite part of myself gets left behind
On the wheel of life
The finest part of myself will keep its shine

The earth rose slowly, to swallow me whole
To take back the elements it once let me hold
Earth and Water, Fire and Air
Return back to Ether, to my Source, and I’ll be there
You’ll be with me, and I’m with you
There’s no disconnect if the intellect sees true
All distraction melts away
I see myself in the flower while I watch it decay
Track Name: Drink
If I can drink you, and you can drink me
There is not a reason that our cups should ever empty

Verse 1:
Why did we wait so long to claim what was ours
When we knew that it wasn't wrong
It's like we won the lottery and just held on to the ticket
'Cuz we couldn't be bothered with it
Sitting on a pile of gold
Wondering if I would have to work 'til I was very old
But I now I see abundance here
It was always near, I couldn't see it through my own fear

Why do I shy away from my own ability to wake my fire up
And let it burn inside of me
Every flame alive finds its fuel on an endless sea
Fed by a sacred spring, leaving none who come thirsty

Chorus x 2

Verse 2:
I never did think that we would be the type of people
To misuse our energy
It's part of our humanity
But only when we separate ourselves from our divinity
I get lost in my own mind sometimes
Convicting myself and confessing my crimes
The one and only saboteur, my own worst enemy
It finally made sense to me


Chorus x 2
Track Name: Coaster
Getting ahead of myself is something I've always done
But I gotta learn to slow down, I gotta walk not run
Worryin' ain't no good, it's like praying for what you don't want
Like thinking up your own worst thought and giving it your mind to haunt
Workin' myself to death, to buy what I can't own
It just ends up owning me, and leaves me feelin' alone
The more that I let go, the more my life unfolds
As if all that I possessed was just making a bigger hole

So I give up my keys to this roller coaster
And still the thought-waves of my mind
I ain't seen nothin' yet, I don't even need to fret
'Cuz how can I heal somebody else if I can't even heal myself
How can I love somebody else if I can't even love myself
It has to start with me

I stood on my feet, working 'til they turned blue
Even though I liked the heat, I was always missin' you
Tighten up my fist, saving for a rainy day
Think of all I've missed from trying to have my own way
Keeping things to myself never did serve me well
Everything I tried to hide was always the reason I failed
Now there ain't a reason left for second guessing myself
I'm the only thing between me and everything else
Track Name: Bottom
Whatever you need from me is already yours
If it ever doesn't feel that way let me know, let me know
'Cuz if there's anything that I can do to put you more at ease
All you have to do is tell me girl, say the words, say the words

'Cuz once I start thinking about you, it's so hard for me to stop
I'd much rather tell you what's on my mind, so why don't I start at the top

There is no bottom to this well that we're diggin'
There is no ending to the bliss that comes from within

There is no piece of me that you can't receive
There is a shadow standing in the doorway and there's something he needs you to see
I don't want anything, I want everything that is pouring from your heart
Let's celebrate life in good countenance
Let's rend the old records apart

Chorus x 2