Marchin' EP

by Mark Medley

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released July 15, 2013

Mark Medley: guitar, banjo, vocals, synths, and beats

Album cover art by Ron Logan



all rights reserved


Mark Medley Texas

Love compels me to make music.

Love gives meaning to my life and life provides the meaning for my music.

Music reminds me I am not alone.

My hope is that my songs do the same for you.
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Track Name: Pushing Buttons
Sometimes we're pushing buttons, sometimes we're playing strings
Sometimes I wanna close my mouth, but my name tells me to sing
Sometimes I push your buttons, never try to pull your strings
I should only try to lift you up when your name tells you to sing

Blaming myself and holding myself accountable are two different things
Well I know I've learned that much, and I can't argue with that
But even if I could, I know it's just that part of myself that tries to tell me
What I can't do, but I can do

I didn't think I'd make it standing, wasn't sure where I would fall
I looked down and saw your feet right next to me and that was all
I needed at that moment, and you're still standing here
I must've done something right in my past life to get to have you near


I wanna draw a circle around you, make it a sacred place
Bring you my offering and hope to be held in your space
You remind that I'm perfect, and I'll do the same for you
I know you know the whole world's perfect, damn I wish they knew it too

Track Name: Marchin'
I think I'll start a new life again in October
The ability to recreate bowls me over
It was about this time last year that I decided
Time wasn't gonna factor into my deciding
They said they wished me all the best with that
But I could tell by the tone of their voice, they didn't mean it
They said that I must've been dreaming if I thought
I could march to a rhythm of my own making...because

Time marches on they say, but time isn't real
They only say it cuz they want you marching,
Say it just to keep you marching

I can be on time for any meeting
Without letting this present moment take a beating
Yesterday is gone, today is flying
All that worry about tomorrow, you might as well be dieing
I lent my ear to all my fears, but now
I wanna listen to the voice of my wisdom
I had to stop looking outside of me
And tune out all them clocks and all their ticking....because

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Be the Moon
I never worry about a criminal, trying to steal you away
Because I trust you wholeheartedly, and this is the truth that I say
This is my declaration, oh please don't refuse
I'll dedicate every exhalation to telling the world I love you

Come on, be the moon for me. Come on and be
Come on, be the moon for me, just be, just be

There is no profit in a penalty, so why should we punish ourselves
Fire and water were made for each other, made from the same one to make two
I'll dedicate every exhalation to telling the world I love you
And when I need to take an inhalation, I wanna breathe all that is you

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Infinite Ocean
Hands over the water
The blessing is received
This has been my offering
From the moment it was conceived

It's a misinterpretation
For any one to try and limit you
'Cause I'd be messin' with the earth's rotation
If I thought it could get me next to you
And I've done just that

This started a long, long time ago
We have known each other's names for many centuries
And will for many, many centuries more

Time loses its meaning as the Infinite Ocean searches for its shore
Two bodies swimming on one breath
One spirit in kind

Undying and always singing
Always singing the praises to the Divine